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Why a Certified Chimney Sweep is Better

Why a Certified Chimney Sweep is Better

A fireplace can provide your home with many hours of warmth, and you may have endless fond memories of relaxing in front of it on cold days and nights. However, basic upkeep is essential if you want to keep your abode and its inhabitants safe. As reported at ABC15 Arizona, if you don’t have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis, it could catch fire due to “soot buildup, debris, and even animal nests”. According to News Guardian, your household could also be at risk of carbon monoxide exposure if your chimney is not maintained professionally.

When you hire a professional to clean your chimney, be sure to utilize one who has been properly certified. If your chimney sweep service does not employ certified professionals, you might pay for a job that is not done right the first time. This could ultimately cost you more money if you must have a poorly executed job corrected by a certified chimney sweep. Even worse, a chimney fire could cost you and your loved ones much more than money.


How Does a Chimney Sweep Become Certified?


As described at the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) website, a professional can become certified by attending National Chimney Sweep Training School. This course is offered via the CSIA itself. The training is held at the CSIA Technology Center in Plainfield, Indiana.

The course goes for six days – and in that time, those in attendance are given intensive training on an array of relevant topics. Those enrolled learn how to inspect and sweep various types of chimneys, and they are also taught about health and safety practices and equipment. They learn about different chimney performance issues, and they gain knowledge on an assortment of residential heating appliances (such as wood stoves and central heaters). Course enrollees learn about International Residential Codes, and they are given information on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 211 Standards.


Who Should Take the Course?


This comprehensive course is meant to provide those in attendance with a broader scope of crucial information than a non-certified chimney sweep might ever know. The course is open to chimney service employees, as well as the owners of such companies. Ideally, both company owners and their employees will receive this training, in order to ensure mutual understanding on all of the course topics. People who wish to attend may choose from a few different dates to accommodate their schedules.


A person who is CSIA-certified is likely to know far more about proper chimney inspection and cleaning than a non-certified individual. If you opt to use a service that does not send a certified professional to your home, that person could miss a critical detail when sweeping or inspecting your chimney. Instead of taking a chance on someone who may not have the right education, make sure that the chimney sweep you hire has been CSIA-certified. It could literally be a life or death decision for your household.  

If you have a chimney within your home and want a certified chimney sweep service to inspect your chimney the right way, then call Goldens Good Air. For more information, please visit or call 623-203-4698.   

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