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The Benefits of Sealing Your Air Ducts

The Benefits of Sealing Your Air Ducts

When it comes to keeping a home or business comfortable, an HVAC system is needed. Traditionally, HVAC systems will use air ducts to transfer heated and cooled air into the spaces of a home or business. The air ducts must be in the proper condition in order to ensure that the air reaches its destination and the temperature setting in the home is realized. When duct work has leaks or is broken apart, the air is unable to reach its intended destination which leads to an overworking of your HVAC system and more money spent to provide a comfortable space. To avoid any issues, it is recommended that air ducts sealing is provided. 

Understanding How Air Ducts Work and Affect the HVAC System

Air ducts are tubing that connects to the HVAC system of your home. The duct work will connect to the system and spread throughout the home, connected to air registers in the floor, ceiling or walls. The air registers are the small cutout where the air enters the space. The duct work must stay secure, free of any leaks so that the air can reach each room and make the home comfortable. 

When the duct work as it should, your home is comfortable. The temperature setting is reached in an efficient amount of time and your HVAC system cuts off. When there are leaks or broken points within your duct work, the HVAC system will be unable to reach the desired temperature, and this can cause your unit to work overtime. 

Continual running of your HVAC system will result in energy efficiency loss as well as an overworking of your system. When your system is overworked, it can break down, which means more money spent on repairs. To keep your system in good working order, the duct work needs to be maintained and in good operating condition. 

AeroSeal Air Duct Sealing

One way that home and business owners are ensuring their duct work stays in good condition is with a new product called AeroSeal. This product is a duct sealant that ensures no air escapes from within your duct work. The breakthrough technology will take on duct leaks from the inside out. Any escaping air is placed under pressure and polymer particles stick to the edges of the lead and then each other until the existing leak has been sealed. 

The process of AeroSeal servicing is simple. Technicians applying this product will first plug up the registers with foam so that the air in the duct work will begin to escape from any existing leaks. The air will have to move out in the leak space which helps to begin the sealing process. 

The technician will then cut a small access hole into the return and a temporary collar will be put in place. The air will then be blocked from the furnace, fan and indoor coil with a foam plug to help keep any particles of the sealant from entering into this section of the system.
The sealant will then be injected into the duct work. The sealant is non-toxic and completely safe to use in the home. The pretest of the sealant will determine how much leakage you have within your system configuring square inches and determining how much air is moving out from the duct work leaks. 

Once pretesting is complete, the system is prepped for the AeroSeal process. The sealant is injected into the duct work and will exit via any leaks. The sealant collects at the edge of any holes until the leak has been sealed. The product has the ability to seal a leak up to 5/8ths of an inch. 

The process is computer controlled so the results of the sealing can be viewed in real time. The computer also provides an analysis once the process is complete to show the reduction of duct leakage, solidifying the positive outcome of using such sealant products. 

With air duct sealing with products like AeroSeal, you are able to lower the energy usage in the home when it comes to heating and cooling comfort. Electricity bills will decrease, and you will not have to worry about your unit overworking itself trying to meet temperature setting needs. This service is certainly something to consider by all home and business owners.

If you're having issues with rooms in your home or office cooling down at incredibly slow periods of time, or uneven air flow to each room, call Golden's Good Air. We'll schedule a time to come out and inspect your ducts and if needed, seal them right up so you can start saving money and enjoy perfect air flow. Call today (623)203-4698.


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