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 My last name is Golden and so is my service!

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 My last name is Golden and so is my service!

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Our Air Duct Cleaning Process is the Best in Phoenix

If your home has a central heating or cooling system, you must have an air duct system for the air to travel evenly to each room. This is one of the most important parts of each system. However there is one aspect of your heating and cooling system that is often neglected. Most of the time, when HVAC technicians come out to service either system, usually their services consist of checking the fan motor and condensor coil of your A/C unit, your heat pump and furnace, and the air filters througout the home. As for your homes air ducts, insoecting how clean they may or may not be generally is forgotten.

Although the overall cleanliness of the air ducts have a big say in the efficiency of your heating or cooling system, the air ducts can have a variety of reasons for which it needs to be cleaned. The top reasons are:

-Dust within vents
-Debris built up in the ducts
-Pets in the house and their hair and dander get stuck in the vents
- Allergies and Respiratory Illnesses


The top two areas in which clean air ducts help are indoor air quality and utility bill costs. You can simply head over to our air duct services page and schedule professional air duct cleaning. If you are in Phoenix Arizona, you need not look anywheres else once you determine that your air ducts need to be cleaned. Golden’s Good Air provides competitive pricing and guarantees the best air duct service in the valley.

Not a D-I-Y Job

Many websites and YouTube videos will tell you that cleaning your air ducts is a simple process. You just have to remove the vents and wash them and put them back. However, most of those videos are just going for a large number of views and leave out the specifics. Some don't even know how to provide a thorough air duct cleaning process and the viewer is left with inaccurate information. Even worse, if you don’t get the process right the first time you've now wasted a lot of valuable time and money in the event you didn't have the right equipment. By calling a professional from Golden’s Good Air, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands and always get your moneys worth.

Golden’s Good Air Salient Features:

-They offer a complete air duct cleansing with a negative machine
-Sanitization of all the vent opening after the cleaning is carried out
-Odor killing expertise to control bad recurring odors
-They use professional equipment and chemicals which are approved and tested to be safe in homes, offices and factories

Two Times Through Process

The most jaw dropping feature of the duct cleaning services that are provided by Golden’s Good Air is their two pronged process. It means that you get a free second time through to ensure that all dirt and debris have been cleared and most bacteria has been eliminated.

They will do a bottoms up approach within the whole duct system, from the source to the vent. This process is done under positive air pressure with a high powered fogger. If something was missed during the cleaning process the first time, it will come out the second time. There will be no extra cost for this and you won't be charged for any repairs done after the second time through. This service is not provided by any other air duct cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona and it is guaranteed.

Don’t Get Fooled Again

You should be aware of the fact that there are many freelance companies and individuals that claim to be "real" duct cleaning companies. You need to be absolutely sure about the duct cleaning contractor that you hire and how professional they are before you decide to spend money on their services. If you realize that you're in need of air duct cleaning, don't waste time or take any chances, just click here to schedule service and we'll take care of the rest. Golden's Good Air will provide you with the best air duct cleaning process in Phoenix and we'll give you the Golden service we're know for....Guaranteed.

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