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 My last name is Golden and so is my service!

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How to Fix Leaky Air Ducts in Your Phoenix Home?

fix leaky air ducts in phoenix




How Do You Know if there is an Air Duct Leak?  


We all know how fun (sarcasm detected) cleaning our homes are. We vacuum, clean mirrors, do the laundry, and dust. To tell you the truth, cleaning your home week after week is a drag. There is something good that could come out it all before you clean though. The reason we clean is based on how messy our homes are right? Well, here's a little secret, if your home seems dusty, or has dust around registers, on furniture, or even on cabinets, you may have an air duct leak.  If your rooms are too hot or too cold in comparison to the rest of the home, you may have duct leakage.  The best way to determine if a duct system has leaks is by performing a duct leak test on the home.  


First, Golden’s Good Air will take measurements of your home and system, and visually inspect the ductwork for any problems.  We then install an infiltrometer into an outside door on the home.  The infiltrometer is basically a giant fan that will suck the inside air from the home and blow it outside, causing a vacuum in the home. While the home is in a vacuum, our techs will test each supply register and return grill for any air leakage using special tools.  After getting the needed measurements, our specialist will check the shell of the home for any leakage that could have a negative effect on the system.  Once they have completed the inspection, they’ll use advanced computer software to calculate how much air is being lost from the duct system, and determine the overall effect it is having on the efficiency of the unit.  Our specialist will then explain the situation and give you options on how to solve the issues.  


What Are the Causes of a Duct System Leak?


In many cases your duct system has leaks because it was never sealed when the home was built. This wouldn’t be surprising considering how home builders cheap out on certain specifics. They cut corners whenever they can to save a buck on materials. It wasn’t code to seal ductwork until recently, and most contractors didn’t fully understand the effect that a leaky duct system had on the unit. There are also many duct systems that were sealed using inferior products such as duct tape. With our ridiculously hot summers here in Phoenix Arizona duct tape tends to become warped, even melt, just like many products that contractors use to seal ductwork, and the ducts separate from the seal or the product wears off of the connections all together. It is important to use the proper materials when sealing the duct system, because of the heat created in the attic.  


It is actually somewhat rare to find a duct system that is leaking because of disconnected ducts or crushed and torn ductwork.  In those cases, it’s usually because someone was walking around in the attic (like a cable guy or phone repair tech), didn't know the appropriate places to move about and accidentally caused the damage.  If you had honest utility workers to the home and they caused accidental damage, they may have informed you of the accident and then had their company take care of the repair. Others may have done this unknowingly and there’s not much either parties can do about that. And some may have caused the damage, recognized it and chose to keep their lips sealed. In any event, we find that leaky duct systems don’t have one certain spot where there is excessive leakage.  It’s usually several very small leaks throughout the entire system that gradually add up to become the equivalent of a large hole.  


Fix Your Leaky Air Ducts Today 


Charles Golden, is a licensed and insured air duct, dryer vent and chimney sweep cleaning expert and is top rated throughout the entire state of Arizona for residential and commercial duct service, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney sweep and repair. His service area extends all over the valley including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Buckeye, Goodyear, Tolleson, Pebble Creek, Avondale, Goodyear, Peoria, Sun City, Sun City, Glendale, Paradise Valley, and many more.  If you feel like your rooms are not cooling properly, and soon, when winter arrives in Phoenix, if you feel certain rooms are not heating up evenly, you may need to check for air duct leaks. Golden’s Good Air can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment — contact us, or call us at 623-203-4698.

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