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Clean and Protect Your Chimney

Make sure that you are maintaining your home's chimney to prevent risk of fire and malfunction this coming winter. There are some basic chimney chores that will reduce risk and improve efficiency of your home's heating system, keeping your family warm. Before you ever use a fireplace in the home, be sure to check the damper, the flue, and have the chimney thoroughly cleaned. This is the best way to prevent fires from starting in the creosote left behind.


Some safety strategies for chimneys include the following:


Clean your chimney once a year.


The creosote that builds up along the walls of your chimney can catch fire, and can also impact the efficiency of your home's system. A chimney sweep can go down into the chimney and clear this residue from the walls, while checking for any potential issues. This is an effective approach toward preventing house fires.


Test and use the damper.


Be sure that you are using a damper in your chimney. This can serve as a protective guard, keeping rodents and small animals out of your home's chimney. This damper also can be used to help seal in the heat, conserving energy, and making the overall system more effective and efficient.


Check your chimney's flashing.


When performing annual spring chores, take a good look at your chimney from a bird's eye view: the roof! Take a look at the flashing that seals the chimney from the roofing, and look for any signs of a leak. This can impact efficiency, but can also allow moisture in, causing deterioration and water damage to the home's structure over time.


Have it inspected annually.


During the off-season, animals can build nests in your chimney's flue, which is something an annual inspection will identify before it is used. These inspectors typically have contracting experience and can identify and diagnose other issues that could deem the chimney unsafe. Chimney inspectors may also look over the air ducts and vents, and some may recommend chimney caps be implemented, as a precautionary measure.

The best precaution against chimney fires and other issues is routine cleaning and regular inspections. This also affords your chimney sweep the opportunity to identify any potential issues or problems associated with your home's chimney. If you haven't had your chimney inspected or if it needs repair, please call Golden's Good Air today at 623-203-4698 or visit the chimney cleaning section of our website at

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