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An Air Duct Cleaning Nightmare

You have to be very cautious as to you hiring to clean your air ducts. These days, especially around the Phoenix AZ area a lot of companies claim to provide air duct cleaning but a bunch of them don't carry the proper insurances or licenses. That can become a risky propostiion for a homeowner or business owner in the event the air duct cleaner causes some kind of damage to the duct system.


Since it's October and all the ghosts and ghouls are getting ready to walk amongst the living I thought we'd talk about why it's important to hire a true air duct cleaning professional. We go back a few years ago when a homeowner right here in Phoenix hired a shady duct cleaner and this was the beginning of their nightmare.


It was a nice October day in Arizona, the sun was shining, the temps had dropped into the mid 80's, not a cloud in the sky. It was what most people would consider the perfect day. Being that summer was now over and all the monsoons were gone til next July, Jan, who lived in North Phoenix, thought it would be the perfect time to have her air ducts cleaned. Jan had slight allergies and when she was changing her air filters back in September, she had noticed how much dust, dirt and debris had gathered within some of her air ducts. If this much debris was right here where she was exchanding old, nasty filters for new ones, she could imagine what the rest of her duct system was like. it wasn't a week later when she came across a coupon for duct cleaning.


Air duct Fall cleaning special - $25. It stated 'one furnace, any number of vents,' so she assumed that also involved cleaning the whole duct work of her house. So Jan decided to call the duct cleaning company and take them up on their offer. When the technicians for the company arrived at her home they didn't speak about the coupon or the price listed, they got right to work.


The techs began to clean the air ducts by holding up a negative-pressure machine to suck dust from the vents, and open vents to clean them out, just as the coupon stated they would. One problem with that was they only opened about half of the home's vents, not all of them. Just about half of the duct system was left the way it was before Jan hired this company, leaving her to continue breathing all the dust and dirt that had accumulated in their over the spring and summer. Another problem with how they perfomed cleaning the ducts was the equipment they used. There were no industrial type equipment you would expect this type of contractor to use. Nope, instead they used a basic wet-dry vacuum to suck most of the debris out of the air ducts which isn't nearly as powerful as the typical equipment used for this type of job.


From this point things continued to get worse for Jan. Jan had the feeling that the service they were providing in her home were not the same services listed on their coupon. She decided to ask one of the techs why it seemed like they were doing a quick cleaning and why thery weren't accessing her attic or other areas to complete the entire duct system? The tech told her that the coupon represented a basic cleaning. If Jan wanted her entore duct system to be cleaned, which would also include a bacteria cleansing as well, that would cost her $500. Jan almost lost her mind. How could a company state on their coupon that duct cleaning, for any number of vents, was $25 if it was really $500? At this point she felt like she was being hosed and she told the techs to pack it up and get out.


After the techs left she contacted the company and complained about their misleading information on the coupon only to get hung up on. After doing some digging, which Jan now realized should of came before actually hiring this company, she found out that they actually had lawsuits against them and this particular duct cleaning company used to operate out of California before packing up shop and relocating to Arizona.


Jan was furious, hwoever, being the good natured person she is, she chose to think of the positive side of this experience. Instead of getting worked up over $25 she felt that it could of been worse. She also learned to research a company before actually hiring them. Doing a few Google searches and reading reviews about a business can help a lot in determining who you will want in your home doing work. Reading the BBB website is also a good source for reviewing a company. Fortunately this nightmare turned into a positive experience, one that can also help other too. Prevent being scammed or taken advantage of! Do your homework on a company if you're thinking of calling them for service. And if you need your air ducts cleaned in Phoenix, call a reputable air duct contractor like Golden's Good Air. We stand behind our work and service every time.

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