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Airborne Pollutants and Your Home: Why Duct Cleaning is Essential

Breathing clean air is important, especially in the home. As a homeowner, you want to provide a clean and healthy place for yourself as well as family and friends. When it comes to indoor air quality, most homes have issues, such as pollen, bacteria, dust and other contaminants. Homes today are built airtight, which is a good thing, helping to cut down on energy costs, but it can lead to harmful contaminants in the home.

How the Air is Affected

In a home, an HVAC system is used to provide heating and cooling. We rely on such systems to stay comfortable in the extreme seasons like summer and winter. Every home that has an HVAC system uses some type of filter to remove contaminants from the air, like pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dust, dirt, etc. These contaminants are caught in the filter and not placed in the home via air vents. However, over time, filters will fill up and be in need of changing. Without proper maintenance to the heating and cooling system, the contaminants like pollen and bacteria can enter the air you breathe, causing health issues or flare-ups of certain health conditions.

The Health of Your Family

With contaminants in the air, the health of your loved ones may be at risk. Typical pollutants can aggravate allergies or other respiratory illnesses. Take for example asthma. When an individual suffers from asthma, breathing in certain contaminants can be harmful. The individual may have a hard time breathing in your home and feel awful 24/7. By removing the pollutants that aggravate asthma, you alleviate the symptoms.

The same can be said for allergies and other respiratory issues. When breathing in unclean air, flare-ups can occur. With allergies, an individual may sneeze frequently and be subject to itchy and watery eyes. In Phoenix, AZ, pollen is a big issue. With your HVAC system, you may find that despite your best efforts to change out filters frequently, pollen is still getting inside the home. The best way to remove pollen is to have the ductwork of your HVAC system cleaned. This can help to remove any contaminants like pollen, ensuring the air that is in the home is clean and fresh.

Air Duct Cleaning

Most homeowners have never heard of air duct cleaning and may be unsure as to what the service provides. With air duct cleaning, technicians arrive at your home and inspect your HVAC system. The air ducts are located and then a cleaning process started with a negative air machine. Once this process is completed, a sanitizer is provided at each vent opening, the air handler and the air return.

The air duct system is then cleaned a second time with positive air pressure using a high-powered fogger. This process can also be used to remove any odors in the home such as those produced by cigarettes or fungus. Special formulas can be used at this time to remove such odors from your home.

Once complete, the process will ensure that any pollutants like pollen, bacteria, dust, etc. are removed. Your home will be providing clean and fresh air, which will result in a healthy lifestyle, free of any harmful contaminants.
If you are having trouble with health issues in the home, such as asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions, you may be subject to unclean air. Schedule duct cleaning services today and see a change in how you feel, with lessened symptoms soon after. The air in the home can easily affect your health, so ensure your air quality is pure by scheduling this HVAC service.

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